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Fees & Finance at
Warwick Lodge

A £30 deposit is required for all free consultations. This must be paid prior to the booking date. Late cancellations (less than 48 hours before your appointment) or failing to attend your appointment will result in £30 per hour of your appointment being deducted from your account with us.

General Dentistry Pricing

Clinical Assessment & Consultations
New patient exam£68.69
Child exam (0-5)£0.00
Child exam (6-16)£26.75
Emergency appointment£58.00
Invisalign consultation£0.00
Dental Implant consultation£0.00
Smile Makeover consultation£0.00
Preventative Treatments
Scale and polish£72.76
Scale and polish (With dentist)£80.25
Oral Hygiene instruction£25.28
Advanced perio£206.08
Air flow£118.00
Night guard£250.00
Fluoride varnish£54.09
Full case assessment£84.83
Periodontal treatment£99.44
Chronic Periodontal treatment£54.09
Root Canal Treatment
Root canal filling (1 canal)£382.00
Root canal filling (2 canal)£453.00
Root canal filling (3 canal)£550.00
Re- RCT (1 canal)£425.00
Re- RCT (2 canal)£496.00
Re- RCT (3 canal)£598.00
Extraction Anterior£81.45
Extraction posterior£111.22
Extraction wisdom tooth£187.79
Extraction with surgical flap£210.98
Extraction bone removal (incisor or canine)£199.00
Extraction bone removal (Molar or premolar)£299..00
Apicectomy (incisor/canine)£393.22
Prescription only£6.42
Antibiotics (starts from)£18.18
Mouth guard£267.50
Night guard£267.50
Admin charge for xrays and notes£50.56
Soft splint£197.95
Hard splint from£168.53
BW from£19.26
Periapical from£20.63
Clinical Intra Oral Pictures£0.00 
CBCT (3D scan) Small£179.76
CBCT (3D scan) Large£214.00

Cosmetic Dentistry Pricing

Invisalign Treatments


New Invisalign exam£64.20
Invisalign i7 (Single arch)£1658.50
Invisalign i7 upper and lower£2140.00
Invisalign Lite upper and lower£2675.00
Invisalign full£3852.00
Invisalign full plus with single Essix Retainer.£3500.00
Fixed retainer (single arch)£160.00
Retainer Upper or lower£321.00
Retainer upper and lower (3 sets)£642.00
Additional aligners£321.00
Smile Makeover Single Arch£2950.00
Smile Makeover Dual Arch£4815.00
Ceramic pontic
Porcelain abutment£915.65
Ceramic retainer post£915.65
Porcelain pontic£915.65
Porcelain retainer£915.65
Temporary denture£214.00
Denture repair£98.44
Addition of tooth on denture (acrylic)£93.344
Partial Denture (acrylic) 1-2 teeth£529.65
Partial Denture (acrylic) 3-6 teeth£850.56
Partial denture cobalt chrome£1601.79
Full acrylic denture£1173.79
Denture Chrome colbalt (metal flexi-denture)£1601.79
Crown and Bridges
Maryland bridge
Smile fast (canine to canine)
Smile fast (premolar to premolar)
Replacement bridge
Temporary crown
Re-cement crown
Post removal
Core and post
Crown Core and post
Porcelain bonded crown
Implant crown – porcelain
Implant crown – Zirconia
Crown lengthening
Zirconia crown
Composite Bonding / Veneers

Porcelain Veneer

Smile FastStarts from £1399
Teeth Whitening
Teeth whitening (Home)£384.69
Teeth whitening (in chair)£695.50
Teeth whitening Gel£99.00
Filling composite (1 surface) Small£138.63
Filling composite (1 surface) Large£160.5
Filling composite (2 surfaces)£185.37
Filling composite (3 surfaces +)£224.80
Glass ionomer – Small£28.62
Glass ionomer – Large£62.97

Acrylic repair or crack to ortho appliances


Dental Implants Pricing

Implant Treatments
New implant exam£68.69
All-on-4 upper arch£7479.30
All-on-4 Lower arch£7479.30
Implant Consultation
Dental Implant surgery (per tooth)£1395.00
Bone Graft£550
Extensive Bone Graft£1002.50
Sinus lift (lateral)£1797.60
Implant CBCT£214.00
Implant crown£1016.50
Implant overdenture£9095.00
Implant removal surgery£963.00
Implant Abutment zirconia£1016.50
Implant Pontic Zirconia£872.05
Implant Pontic PBC£950.00
Implant abutment PBC£1016.50
IV sedation up to 2 hours
IV sedation (4-6 hours)
Oral Sedation (up to 2 hours)
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